We Empower

We Empower Product Manager.

Brand Communication Manager

We Empower Product Manager.

AI-Powered Product Creation

By making fact-based decisions and leveraging the value of consumer and product data.
“Because we believe that companies can only succeed in today’s world by being pioneers at every stage of the product life cycle, we offer a software solution that enables AI-powered product and marketing decisions based on data rather than gut feeling.”
We want to give you time to focus on your core business.
you get.
what you get.
By providing you with information that can be directly derived and integrated.
Because we don’t just want to collect data – we want to empower our customers, give them new perspectives and lead them to be pioneers.
who you are.
A Product Manager?
A Brand Communication Manager? 
A Social Media Manager? 
who you are.
You want to make data-informed decisions? We got you all covered. And even simplify the process.
How, you’re asking?
With our
Give us a scroll to convince you.

This is what our Matching-AI and the solution to your problems looks like.
First, our Matching-AI looks at your wounds and wishes - and declares digital war on them.
How does my relevant product and competitive landscape look like?
Second, our Matching-AI collects high-quality data. Data Data Data - you’ve heard the term often enough? Yeah, us too. Let’s get specific, it comes from:
the web.
social media.
global search
It can hear the internet's thoughts, sees every fear and knows every passion.
Third, magical things happen.

The output of our
Matching-AI: innovative and customer-centric insights.
And mainly: 
You get new perspectives.

For example:

Relevant needs
of your
target group.
Rising products,
categories and
Hot topics
your customers
are talking about.
So we can basically support you throughout your whole product life cycle. From beginning to end. And again.
What Others Say About Us.
“In times of ever-changing business environments, you need to understand it and react as fast as possible. While the datazeit technology helps you in doing exactly that, the datazeit team has a culture of working like that as well. Their response time and quality to customer requests are unparalleled. In addition, they are curious to understand the customer request and deliver data products without compromise.”
– Oliver Huth
SAP, Head of Ecosystem, Data Warehouse Cloud
“Great approach by datazeit. This is a very relevant Data Start-up. More to come.”
– Michael Schummert
Product Management Use Case.
coming soon.
Brand Communication Management Use Case.
very soon.
Social Media Management Use Case.
we promise.
Sales Use Case.
this one too.