Looking for a fruit basket on every table, Mate bottles lined up in the kitchen and a ping pong table in the corner? We have staff as sweet as an apple and as energetic as Mate. And in the corner? There’s nothing there - because we think around corners. POW. Plus, we have a lot more to offer. It may seem a little unexpected to start this section with a statement from Bill Gates, but: when he and Paul Allen founded Microsoft 35 years ago, they said they wanted not only to invent the best software of all time, but also to create a cultural impact.
One hell of a dream - and one hell of a result.

Before we tell you our upcoming goals, we want to tell you directly where we want to go someday. This is important to us because it is strongly embedded in our mindset. So, have you ever heard of the “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” called BHAG? If you’re thinking of a fierce bull waiting for the red flag, go with that thought - because it couldn’t be more accurate. A BHAG is not just a mission or a vision, it’s a statement that influences the past, the present and the future. It’s what forces the company to become that outstanding, visionary company with a clear and compelling goal. You ready? 3 2 1, go:
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To Be The World's Leading AI Company, Matching Data To Contribute Social Value By Predicting Global Shifts.
Some call it a vision, we call it a dream - but with a plan. And who would want to swipe a dream?
Now you want to know how we are planning to do that? Then let’s start at the very beginning (and probably with the unspoken reason you came to this site):
Our Culture.
Because a company without a culture is like a book without words - it just doesn’t work. Spoiler: culture always exists, it just happens - the question is: what do you do with it? Do you let it grow and form on its own? Or do you set the direction ahead and create a culture that becomes a work ethic for the whole team?
Since the word itself carries an enormous complexity and can be interpreted in many different ways, let’s first define it. “It’s a way of life of a group of people - including the behaviors, practices, beliefs and values that they accept, without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one to the next.”
What we love about this definition is that it highlights that it is not about rules, laws and strict measures. It’s about the mindset we like to embrace and live by. And which is adopted by others because it is desirable.
You could basically say: Just as our matching AI can only work through a code to connect the data dots, our company lives by a code to connect the people. Except that it’s a code without measurable numbers - but one for the head and the heart.
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It’s What Powers Our Company.
Now it’s out, we’ve said it: “code”. Now that both words are finally out, we can reveal the secret path to our solution:
The Culture Code.
Why are we so obsessed with this? Because a Culture Code not only attracts people who strive and work according to the same values, but also strengthens those in their work whom we have already won over. Big shoutout at this point to our team! We show you here a (hugely important) part of our whole Culture Code - if we would show everything, we would need another website.
So this is how our company brain works, our secret weapon, our Culture Code:
Our Team Culture.
Teamwork makes the team work makes the dreamwork makes the dream work.
Confused? Read again. ‘Cause that’s how this team rolls. Between employees who spend 8 hours a day immersed in their 5 computer-programming-worlds, employees who jump from meeting to meeting between 12 cups of coffee, or employees who draw sketches on A2 sized whiteboards - we have them all. What do all of them have in common? The drive to create something new, something big, something crazy. Not to stand still, to try out, to go new ways.
The software we are creating will be DAMN awesome and revolutionize industries. But that doesn’t mean to stand still and rest, that means it can be even better, that there are more turns in the road that haven’t been explored yet. Everyone wants to be stronger and create something bigger than the others. We want to have made it until yesterday - with an eye on tomorrow. Someone wants to design a completely new tool that turns the industry upside down? Throw yourself between your screens and develop it. A new industry has emerged and it needs a disruptive approach? Let your thoughts circle until they find a way. Do we all have to sit next to each other in the office for our common goal? Big NO. A temporary transitional situation became a new concept: we hire people, not places. Following the concept “First remote, second office”, free thinkers with a clear vision and ambition now come from all over the world. It’s not the room that connects us - it’s the same goal.
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Our Core Values.
Our common language, our sophisticated routine, our way of describing our dream.
Because well-being doesn’t just come from a fun job.

It’s not every day that you can say you feel joy before you start work, have fun while you’re working, and at the end of the day you’ve helped create a product that will change the entire industry overnight - which might lead to another little grin. But before you, dear reader, either have a tear of joy running down your cheek or shake your head in disbelief, let us add: we discuss, we disagree, we take our privacy, we laugh, we work hard. Our well-being doesn’t just come from having a job we like, it comes from the feeling of having a strong and honest community around us where we grow with each other. And that’s what we do - every day. You’re looking for a fruit basket on your table? We have staff as sweet as an apple. You want a ping pong table in the office? We rather play with our words and tools. You want an office where plants grow on the walls? Our community is growing even faster.
Be who you always wanted to be.

We’ve done a lot of work to focus on diversity efforts and make it a priority for every aspect of the company. Diversity isn’t just about being able to say “we have more nationalities than colleagues”, it’s about diverse projects, diverse team setups, diverse opinions and diverse passions (silently ignoring the fact that we have 7 nationalities among 13 employees. But who’s counting). It’s about the symbiosis of the inner diversity we feel and show and the outer diversity our workplace gives us to work with. A techie giving an interview to a salesman so they know what they’re selling? Let’s go! A lawyer discussing the hottest topics with a copywriter for the next big article? Vamos! A product manager philosophizing with an office manager about new tools? Arriba! In the end, we all come together because we have the same goal in mind, just diverse ways to get there. Keep in mind: different = not the same, diverse = made up of many different elements. See the difference?
Grow faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps.

Since growth is such a big and complex term, let’s get specific: when we think of growth, we think of individual learning, personal development but also the advancement of the entire company. But what if you don’t have to do all this alone, but with and above through your colleagues? That’s what we call high performance: when you are impressed by every single colleague and learn something from them. To achieve this, we see passion and resilience as invincible factors that have a giant impact on it. Have you ever googled the actual meaning of resilience? Neither have we, so here it goes: resilience is the process by which individuals respond to challenges and change by adapting their behavior. Thanks Google, we couldn’t have defined it better. It is the process that keeps us pushing boundaries, relearning ourselves, and forcing us to change our way of thinking. Is this the best we can do? How far can we still go? We don’t wait, we take.
Never get bored, always stay curious.

When you think of resources, do you think of that little masterpiece called the human brain? Because that’s what we do. We love to see how much creativity is hidden in our head, waiting to get attention and be applied. Never standing still, always asking questions, looking for solutions to problems and questioning the solutions. Where there is a dead end, there is a new beginning. Because of this mindset, we embrace staying innovative and working together to achieve our Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Are you also thinking about a bull right now? A really wild, ruthless and fierce bull? Damn right, that’s exactly what our goal is. We don’t wait, we take. And when we reach our big hairy audacious bull, it’s not „ride until you fall off“, but set our eyes on the next target: that bright red flag. That’s how we ride and that’s how boredom became a foreign language.
Because we didn’t want to say agility.

It’s a cursed word, there’s no other way to say it. Another thing that can’t be hidden: we were also shaped by 2020. What used to be the “office” in the beginning has now become the “headquarter” of the company. A temporary transitional situation became a new concept: we hire people, not places. Free thinkers with a clear vision and ambition now come from all over the world. It is the flexibility that gives us new freedom and new ways of thinking and allows us new perspectives. Working full-time remote? Do it. Working full-time in the office? Do it. Rethinking the way we solve problems for each individual client? We do it. We adapt. Not because we have to but because we want to.
Our Goals.
Comparing ourselves to the biggest happenings in the world? They do say to set your ambitions high, so…here comes our closing number two: John F. Kennedy Junior. Same thing with him: he announced in a speech in 1961 to put the very first man on the moon before the end of that decade - and we all know how it turned out in 1969. We are striving for a similar goal, only without the moon:
We want to build the first software that helps customers predict every step of their product life cycle - before others can even pronounce the word predict.
We want to match data faster than a match can burn - because we're already on fire. HELL YEAH.
We want to build the largest graph database in the world - bigger than the matrix. DAMN RIGHT.
watches-thatEver thought a computer developer would sell watches that let you make phone calls? Neither did we. That’s exactly where we’re heading: no one expected it, yet we did it.
Think of us as a seed. One that thrives and grows, soaking up the environment, reaching for more. You know the jungle from Jumanji? That’s us.